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My Case Study: About

More About Me

You'll need to trust who I am and what a Financial Coach can do for you so here's who I am and how I improved my own financial situation for the better:

At 18 I began working in retail.

At 21 I purchased a property in St. Neots.

At 24 I had my daughter.

At 26 I became a single mum.

Now at 28 I'm sole-proprietor of my own business.

I believe the most important thing was regularly reviewing my finances. Once a month I'd check everything out. How much I'd spent/saved, where I could cut corners/gain more or if any interest rates had reverted to lower percentages.


I will mimic this for you in monthly email reminders with top rate savings accounts available, if there's been major movement in benefits, mortgages, inflation or anything that may be generically useful and of course I would be on hand to help you act on anything affecting you.

Growing Plants

Client 3

Before speaking with Emma I was £3000 in debt. Now I'm free and so grateful.

Image by Irene Strong

Client 2

I never cared much about money I just kinda let it happen. Emma's been with me for 3 years and I've paid for things I never thought I'd be able to do unless I won the lottery.

Client 1

I consolidated my debts via my mortgage during lockdown when rates were super low (plus a few other bits) saving myself about £1000 a year!

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