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The Coaching Story

Turning Pennies into Pounds

Financial Coaches are there to support you through everyday financial decisions and actions up to larger, later-life ones, such as a luxurious wedding, family escape or your dream home.

Having someone to objectively look over your finances greatly reduces the emotional and timely elements. Many people have an emotional response when it comes to spending/not spending money, this is why it can be difficult to stick to a budget that, on the surface, is entirely logical.

Let's look at a situation. Say you receive a renewal notice for your electricity then the phone rings, kids come home, oven timer goes off and the notice gets put down. You find it again a few days later and the renewal date is less than a week away, it's only increased by £1 a month. What do you do?

  • Call the supplier to ask for less and risk them trying to sell you a more expensive 'deal.'

  • Get on a comparison site, get a saving figure of £40pa then contact the new company to switch everything in less than a week.

  • Assume it's the best rate, do nothing and pay the extra.


I can assist with any phonecalls you want to make, express the value of that £52 a year saving in the long term and across all your monthly debits and make the saving feel worth your time and energy.


If you relate with sales person anxiety, or you're not sure how that example became a £52 saving, or find that when everyday life things crop up then your financial well-being gets pushed to the bottom of your priority list then having a Financial Coach on your team is going to benefit you.


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free consultation, please get in touch today.

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