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First Session with a Financial Coach

What the Session will Entail

The first session is free. It is a chance for me to get to know you and your needs and assess the relevance of Financial Coaching for you.

As a Financial Coach I want to know about more than your finances. The coaching side wants to focus on your emotional connection with money more than what money you actually have.


I need to know who you are, what you want to achieve and anything that you feel makes that difficult, be it budgeting, making decisions or planning for the future. This is what we will talk about most in the first session.

We can't ignore the financial side completely however. So I will send you a questionnaire to fill out in your own time. You can view the questionnaire here.

I will never share any of your information, unless you expressly ask me or I am legally compelled to, so if it does become a bit of a therapy session feel free to be as open as you like.

Whatever you're struggling with, financially, emotionally, socially, timely, I will listen and do the best I can to help you leave the session feeling more confident than when you arrived.

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Membership with a Financial Coach

How the First Year Looks

A Financial Coach can guide you through areas of the financial landscape, much like a map. If you already have a solid map or a need I cannot help you achieve (i.e. drawing from your pension) I would not sell my service as I cannot benefit you.

My entire purpose for going into this area is to make people more money. If I don't think I can save you more than the membership costs, or help you achieve a target, I will tell you so.

I will be able to help with budgeting, tracking spending, planning for 5, 10,30 years into the future, working through any paperwork to make sure you understand what it says, highlighting options you may not have considered and trying to keep you working with whatever action plan we come up with.

It's very difficult to know what your membership will look like as every single person will have a different situation. In general it will mean a half way meeting and a renewal meeting, approximately 2 phonecalls and a generic info email per month and access to me if you have any questions. I also aim to run quarterly lessons in St. Neots members can attend for free.

I propose a No Gain, No Pain ethos, if we get to the end of your membership, you've followed my guidance, and are worse off than when you started you may be entitled to a refund.

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