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Cashback Card

Following up last weeks goals, I did some cleaning, sold some things and put some bits on ebay. Another half check.

Instead I reapplied for the community household support scheme, spent a £15 school meals voucher and made another £20 ish pounds selling a mattress and some odds and sods.

I rang vodaphone about my switch and they told me the third party I went through hadn't put the switch in to vodaphone so I did it direct and they said they'd give me £70 off mobile contracts with them! So hopefully I don't end up paying twice and get a better cash back deal.

Also applied for a credit card with 0% apr and £30 cashback when I spend £100 in the first 2 months. I'm going to pay for my butlins holiday with it and pay it off next year so I get £30 plus any interest I earn while that cash stays in my account.

The peer to peer lend I did is looking set to pay back next month.

My moneybox funds are being put into investments and should clear by next week, then we'll see what's up.

We're hoping to save my partner significant money by sourcing and fitting a new clutch to his car...wish us luck.

Next week my only goal is keeping clean and practising for the paid performance my band is doing at the Pig and Falcon on 25th March.

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