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December Struck

I said I'd come back just before December then it was all hands on Christmas and I didn't do any posting. Then I remembered and started on facebook but haven't put any up here. This was my first January blog post.

Last week I renewed my partner's car insurance. Normally he'll get his renewal reminder, forget about it and go 'oh no, when was that due? Last week?!? Erm get it done now!' and last year it cost over £1000 for the year. This year I got in there 3 weeks before renewal was due (according to Martin Lewis the prime time to renew). We have got a premium of £650, less than 2/3 what it was before, plus £250 refundable excess.

I've done a bit of ebay selling/buying. Making £5 and spending £4 on children's school cardigans, which I thought was a good trade.

Done some decorating. For the low low price of a commercial tub of emulsion that was in my cupboard (I don't remember buying, it may have been gifted), and the leftovers of a tub from the original paint job. My kitchen is now 100% how I want it. No more damaged walls/ceilings, bare plaster, or grubby walls where the kids thought they'd 'help.' May it stay that way until I move :)

I cashed in a £89 household fund utilities voucher, it took many trips before I found somewhere that would honour it.

This week I swear to myself I will do the current account switches for me and my partner and hopefully earn us £200+

In December I went through every item in my kid's room and filled 2 underbed storage boxes with stuff to get rid of. I'll donate most of it to nurseries this week but some may be worth popping on ebay. Next step is to go through the spare room and do the same with my stuff that has been shoved in ottoman storage and forgotten for about one year and relist some other stuff that didn't go from November's clear out.

Whilst keeping an eye out for single bunk beds and mattresses.

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