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Sales Figures

Last week I finished going through the last area of the house and put all my 'junk' on facebook. I found a portable cd player that ebays at £180, hope that goes through. Last week I made £5 and had interest in other items.

I also got my mortgage statement, shamefully it does not show any overpayments, I'm not convinced of the truth of that, I'm sure I did a few and I have been overpaying monthly, but that's what it says. So I increased my monthly overpayment from £85 to £100.

I looked at my savings options, I have £50 a month going out to a government scheme worth 50% after 2 years. I'm gradually moving money out my rubbish 0.4% ISA for a pretty good 2.5% regular saver (max £200 per month). Got a 1.25% for my partner at £20 a week and looking to upgrade my daughter's as her 4% expired

Collecting my bunk bed today.

Next week I'll clear my shed and loft. Hope I get some more sales.

Gonna look at renewing my broadband package.

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