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Switching Success

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Made another £5 in sales, put a couple more bits up for sale from the shed, didn't get to the loft yet.

Gotta hand it to plusnet, they've e-mailed me in plenty of time to switch broadband, offered me a deal better than my current one, fixes for 18 months and gives a £70 prepaid card covering the first 3 months. I've got a referral code if anyone's interested

Despite this wonderful service I found a cheaper option with Vodaphone at only £18 for 24 months, allegedly with a £60 amazon card.

I've applied to work at Funtopia, a children's festival, over summer and some work cat sitting via tailster to help the income stream.

That's more or less all I did moneywise this week, next week I'll go through the loft, find a carpenter to fix a few sore spots/bring things up to code and try to survive half term!

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