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Privacy Policy

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Ward’s Wallet Watch Privacy Policy

As a financial guidance company I have a responsibility to protect any data you share with me to maintain your privacy. This document will help you understand what information I collect, how it’s used and how you can control that information.

“I,” “me” and “my” refers to Emma Ward, Sole Proprietor of Ward’s Wallet Watch.

“You” "your" and “yours” refers to anyone entering into my service as a Financial Coach.

Information Collected, When it is Collected and Why

To store and process the information that I collect about you, I am required to have a legal basis for doing do. Below is a summary of the ways that your personal information might be processed, and my justification for doing so.

1. Your name and contact details (email, phone number, postal address).

2. When you contact me via my facebook page, phone, e-mail, over my website or in person.

3. In order to make you aware of and provide to you the Services laid out in the terms and conditions.

To notify you of changes to legislation, tax rules or other things that will affect your finances and/or where some action would improve you finances.
To encourage you to recommend me to friends and/or colleagues.

1. Information about your finances including:

- Savings
- Investments
- Pensions
- Mortgages
- Insurances
- Income and Expenditure

2. Continually through your subscription.

To relay, with your permission, to third party advisors.

3. In order to generate and update your Financial Plan and provide relevant Coaching as laid out in the terms and conditions.

To ensure you receive sufficient regulated advice should Ward's Wallet Watch not be suitable for your needs.

1. Payment information / Bank Account information.

2. When you choose to pay for Ward’s Wallet Watch subscription.

3. So that Ward's Wallet Watch may continue to operate and offer the Services laid out in the terms and conditions.

1. Employment information, including your current employer and occupation.

2. As part of collecting income information.

3. In order to, but without limitation, verify any facts provided in order to adhere to the law and the terms and conditions.

1. Communications we have with you(emails, online chat, letters, telephone call recordings, audio recordings from in person meetings).

2. When you get in touch with us or I get in contact with you.

3. In order to remain compliant with the law and also to improve the Services to you.

To provide you with generic information sharing that may or may not be immediately beneficial to you.

To inform you of any changes to the Services, terms and conditions or privacy policy.
1. Information about your location and how you use our website

2. When you use,
when you update your account,

when you open my emails.

3. To carry out research and development to improve website and Service performance.

1. Information publicly available on your social profiles.

2. When you like or otherwise interact with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

3. In order to, but without limitation, verify your identity and help prevent Ward's Wallet Watch from being used to perpetrate fraudulent activity.

1. Sensitive data including but not limited to sexual orientation and health information.

2. When creating your financial plan
3. To help in making predictions about the future, i.e. a heterosexual couple looking to have a baby face less challenges than a homosexual one.

1. Collection of information provided by third party services.

2. When engaging with a third party provider of financial services at your request.

3. To fulfil my contract with you as laid out in the terms and conditions.

1. Information about your life.

2. When communicating with you as part of the Coaching Service.

3. To fulfil my contract with you by understanding your particular circumstances.

1. Feedback from questionnaires, surveys, reviews and complaints.

2. When you fill them out either online, over the phone, in person or by any other means.

3. To continue to improve the Services laid out in the terms and conditions.

Increase the efficiency of our Services.

Test new products.

To resolve any shortfall within the Services.

In all instances information collected will be used to ensure compliance with my legal obligations as an unregulated financial guidance firm to detect and prevent fraud and/or financial crime as is my legal duty and/or to fulfil my contractual obligation to you/your obligation to me.

If you have consented to my use of information about you for a specific purpose, you have the right to change your mind at any time, but this will not affect any processing that has already taken place. Where I am using your information because I have a legitimate interest to do so, you have the right to object to that use. Though, in some cases, this may mean no longer using the service.

To withdraw your consent or object to our processing of your data, please send me an email at

How I share information that I collect

I will never share, trade or sell your information to any third party except when it is directly involved in the provision of the services you have requested, or where you have given me explicit permission in advance.

Sharing anonymized or aggregated data

I will from time to time share data with third parties and/or publicly which shows how my service is used and any feedback I have received. All personal information used for this purpose will either be anonymized and/or used in aggregate such that no individual person will be identifiable.

Sharing information with third party providers of Financial Services as part of my service

Some financial services can be provided by third parties or financial advisors. To ensure you receive the best possible customer experience, I will request to share the information those third parties require to deliver the services required.

For example, a client needing a mortgage might find a specialist whole of market mortgage broker. At the client's behest I could then share information about the client’s name, contact details and relevant financial information, which the mortgage broker will need, to get a mortgage quote.

I may also request permission to share sensitive information about you to those third parties where the information is essential to carrying out the requested service. For example when referring you to a Protection Specialist I will request permission from you to let them know about any health conditions you have told me about. This information will only be shared with your explicit consent.

All third parties will also be obliged to handle your personal information appropriately, and will have a privacy policy in place.

Sharing information with affiliated companies and services

Ward’s Wallet Watch is the trading name under which I operate my Financial Coaching service. I will occasionally share information about you with other services in order to improve my services and / or deliver the service that I have agreed to deliver to you as a Wallet Watcher.

How I store and secure information that I collect

  • Security of your personal information

The transmission of information via any means is not completely secure. I will do my best to protect your personal data, I cannot guarantee the security of your data whilst it is being transmitted; any transmission is at your own risk.

Personal data will be held by me using appropriate safeguards to maintain its privacy and security. For example, I use https:// on the website, ensuring that data entered cannot be viewed by a third party. My data is hosted on Wix, a cloud computing platform with security and privacy features built in.  I am careful to ensure that client data can only be accessed by vetted staff members within the office.

  • How long I keep information

The length of time that I store information I have collected about you depends on the type of information and what it was collected for.

As an unregulated financial guidance business I am required to demonstrate that I am compliant with the laws and regulations related to providing financial advice. Therefore, I will retain a record of my clients, their financial plans and the financial services I provided for an indefinite period.

All other information will be retained for as long as required for the uses outlined above. When your information is no longer needed, I will either delete or anonymize your information.

Your Rights

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the following rights:

  • You can ask me for a copy of the personal information I hold about you; I will provide this free of charge.

  • You can inform me of any changes to your personal information, or if you want me to correct any of the personal information I hold about you.

  • In certain situations, you can ask me to erase the personal information I hold about you, or object to particular ways in which I am using your personal information. Please note that I may need to retain certain information for recordkeeping purposes, to complete any transactions that you began prior to your request, or for other purposes as required or permitted by applicable law.

  • Where I am using your personal information on the basis of your consent, you are entitled to withdraw that consent at any time.

  • Moreover, where I process your personal information based on legitimate interest or the public interest, you have the right to object at any time to that use of your personal information by contacting

For security reasons I may ask for proof of your identity before I disclose information about you, or to you, via email or over the telephone.

Regarding the use Google Analytics Within the Site

  • Google Analytics is active on this site

What google collects:

  • Google has access to the URL of the page that you’re visiting and your IP address. Google may also set cookies on your browser or read cookies that are already there.

Controlling what google analytics collects:

  • Ad Settings helps you to control ads that you see on Google services (such as Google Search or YouTube), or on non-Google websites and apps that use Google ad services. You can also learn how ads are personalised, opt out of ad personalisation and block specific advertisers.

  • If you are signed in to your Google Account, and depending on your Account settings, My Activity allows you to review and control data that’s created when you use Google services, including the information that we collect from the sites and apps that you have visited. You can browse by date and by topic, and delete part or all of your activity.

  • Many websites and apps use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with their sites or apps. If you don’t want Analytics to be used in your browser, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-on. Learn more about Google Analytics and privacy.

  • Incognito mode in Chrome allows you to browse the web without recording web pages and files in your browser or Account history (unless you choose to sign in). Cookies are deleted after you’ve closed all of your incognito windows and tabs, and your bookmarks and settings are stored until you delete them. Learn more about cookies.

  • Many browsers, including Chrome, allow you to block third-party cookies. You can also clear any existing cookies from within your browser. Learn more about managing cookies in Chrome.

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