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Second Hand Shopping

I found a bunk bed and mattresses for £85! Woo, Main thing off the list.

The kitchen is 100% decorated and I'm over the moon. 8 years ago I had all the units installed and pledged to do the cosmetics myself to save money. It worked, including £400 for someone else to re-plaster the ceiling, I think a similar value on floor tiles (it was long ago), £60 on coving, about £60 on paint and maybe £20 on touch up things (silicone and polyfiller etc) to have the ceiling, walls and floors up to a super high standard has come in at under £1000.

I've picked up an extra shift earning another £30 a week, worth £1500 over the year.

My partner has finally got work relating to the training he footed 5 months ago! Hopefully the first in a long line of rope access work.

Cleared out the shed, got some bits to sell.

Next week I'll in the loft and see what can be sold and really push to get everything I don't need out of my house.

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